Opposite Photo Match

Opposite Photo Match

With Opposite Photo Match, get ready to sharpen your cognitive abilities and test your logical reasoning! This captivating and interactive game will put your critical thinking and ability to connect seemingly unrelated images to the test. The windows of the multi-story mansion are filled with artwork that makes you scowl and scratch your head. Finding opposite pairs is the easy part of the task.

With obstacles ranging from traditional opposites like "sell" and "buy" to more ethereal combinations like "devil" and "angel," every level tests your ability to think beyond the box. To finish the level, you must locate at least four pairs of opposites with each click. As you go through the levels, your ability to solve problems will get better, and your thinking will get sharper. Are you ready to put your critical thinking abilities to the test?

How To Play

To choose a photo, click or tap it.

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