Word Scramble Animals

Word Scramble Animals

Word Scramble Animals is an exciting puzzle game that will put your vocabulary and language skills to the test. Get ready for a wild adventure! You're going to go on an adventure through the animal kingdom in this thrilling game. You will encounter a wide variety of animals here, ranging from tiny mice to enormous hippos and elephants. It's your job to learn a new language while organizing their names using English characters.

Pictures of these amazing animals are displayed on one side of the screen, and a collection of letter blocks is waiting for you to interact with them on the other. To create the animal's name, you must put these letters in the right order. The words get harder as you go through the 30 levels, forcing you to utilize your strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities. You are getting closer to your final chance at solving the problem with every guess you make. Will you rise to the occasion and excel in word-solving?

How To Play

In order to form the necessary word, drag and drop the letters.

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