The fascinating new word-guessing game Morsel is a fun take on the well-known Wordle game. This game requires players to predict an English word in Morse code after just three tries, unlike Wordle, which asks players to identify a six-letter phrase. This game gives players a thrilling and captivating experience by fusing the excitement of Wordle with the distinct challenge of decoding Morse signals.

The color of the boxes will change after each guess to show how close to the actual word the guess is. Gray boxes show that the letter is not there at all, yellow boxes show that the letter is present in the word but in the incorrect location, and green boxes show that the letter is in the word and in the proper position.

Players will find it easy to navigate and play the game because of its clear and intuitive user interface. The English phrases and crisp, readable Morse signals in the game's graphics are basic but effective. The sound effects in the game are also excellently done; a pleasing ding occurs when a player gets a letter correctly, and a disappointed ding occurs when they guess a letter poorly. Morsel is a game that's worth trying whether you're an experienced Wordle player or new to the genre. Why don't you try your hand at guessing the word encoded in Morse code in just three tries?

How to play

  • In order to finish the assignment, the player has to travel around while following directions with the mouse. Do your best to do the assignment without wasting time.

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