Missing 11

Missing 11

A novel and captivating game, Missing 11 blends word-guessing with football problems. Players are tasked with identifying the names of players who have taken part in particular football matches throughout history in this game. In this game, players have six chances to accurately guess the names of each player. Each round centers around a certain football encounter from the past.

This game's gameplay is straightforward but appealing. The game follows the same guidelines as Wordle, a well-known word-guessing game, when the player clicks on their number. The player can determine the proper player name by using color cues that show if the letter they have picked is in the right place. To create informed predictions about the players taking part in the match, players must apply logic, the process of elimination, and football knowledge.

Within the allotted six attempts, the goal is to correctly guess the names of the players taking part in a specific football match. The trick is to use the color indications wisely and to determine which players, given the little information, are the proper ones.

The game's captivating gameplay combines word-guessing, deductive reasoning, and nostalgic football in an interesting way. Football history is put to the test as gamers take pleasure in the challenge of locating absent players from memorable games.

How to play

  • In order to accomplish the goal, the player has to move around while following directions with the mouse. As quickly as you can, finish the job.

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