In Metrodle, users must estimate the right station six times in order to traverse the London Underground. This game mixes features of Wordle and the London Underground map, making it a unique and fun experience.

The map is empty when the game first launches, with no station names or colored lines. Based on their understanding of the London Tube, players must select their starting station and estimate their final destination. Following each guess, the appropriate line will be colored, and if the station is close to the chosen destination, its name will show on the screen. With the use of this function, players are able to focus their predictions and ultimately pinpoint the precise station.

The game's basic fundamentals make it simple to pick up but challenging to master. Gamers must make educated predictions and rule out possible stations using their understanding of the London Underground. So why not test your London Underground knowledge today and give it a shot? Who knows, maybe this game will make you a champion!

How to play

  • Using the keyboard, type the destination's name, then choose from the stations that are listed on the screen.

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