The objective of Mastermindle, a game with a fascinating puzzle component that will appeal to everyone, is to guess the right phrase after twenty tries. The color of the bars below the guess will change after each guess to indicate how close your guess was to the correct word. You evaluate and modify your following predictions using these color-coded hints to focus your search for the precise phrase.

  • A blue bar indicates that the solution contains exactly the one letter you guessed, and that letter is also in the right place.
  • Yellow bar: If there is a yellow bar, the letter you correctly predicted is present in the response but is located in the incorrect place.
  • Green and yellow bars: If there are both green and yellow bars, it indicates that you correctly predicted 2 of the 3 letters in the response and that the other letter is present but in the incorrect location.

You must eliminate options and narrow down potential letters and their placements in the word using information from the color-coded hints in order to succeed. Make educated guesses based on the information at hand, trying to get as many of your guesses right as possible. To more easily determine the right word, pay attention to the arrangement of the blue and yellow bars in the suggestion. To improve your predictions and progressively get closer to the right word, use logic, processes of elimination, and other techniques.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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