Linkle is a challenging word puzzle game that tests decoding the relationship between clues and the right preposition or suffix to create the correct word. In this unusual game, players are tasked with figuring out the relationships between specific hints and locating the gap that connects them all.

In the game, there are a total of five hints. You will start with the first clue and attempt to determine the word that connects them all. You will be given more hints if your forecast is wrong. The first three hints will display a word either before or after the answer to create a different term or phrase. You must ascertain how the hints are related and look for words that fit the pattern.

The next clue will display if the guess is incorrect, at which point the circle next to the current clue will become red. For each hint, this procedure will be repeated. The fourth clue will indicate how many letters the answer contains, and the fifth clue will provide the solution's first letter and indicate how it fits in with the other clues.

Any right estimate you make will cause the circles to turn green and reveal the solution. All the circles will turn red, and the solution will be disclosed if you don't make the correct guess after all the hints have been provided. The estimated score as a result of this will be 6. By selecting the buttons listed on the screen, you can check your statistics and access your prior predictions.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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