In the game Mardle, you have to guess the objects within a set number of trials in a universe where your favorite Mario games come to life. A game that flawlessly blends Wordle's intriguing premise with the fun of Mario games.

This game is the ideal place to go if you enjoy the rush of Mario games and want to challenge your abilities. Though it draws influence from Wordle, it presents a new twist by letting players choose phrases rather than having them type each letter. Gaming becomes more exciting when these sentences are combined to create new game names.

Your objective is straightforward yet difficult: identify the word of the day with a Mario theme in six tries. Similar to Wordle's mechanics, the game gives clues with each guess in the form of letters. Players' engagement rises, and their next predictions become more accurate as a result. Prepare to put your Mario game expertise to the test and relish all that this exciting game has to offer!

How to play

  • Play the game by using your mouse.


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