In the entertaining and instructive puzzle game Mammordle, players must locate the featured mammal of the day in six tries. Every day introduces a new animal with distinct qualities, so the game is never boring and always difficult. The objective is to improve your predictions about the species of animal by using the suggestions that are given after each guess.

The player learns about the chosen animal's family, species, IUCN status (endangered, hazardous, etc.), and distribution while playing this game. This teaches gamers about various species and their conservation status, in addition to assisting them in correctly identifying the mammal species.

A color-coded suggestion system is one of its appealing characteristics. Players will receive tips related to various features of the mammal they are attempting to identify after each guess. The game becomes more engaging and dynamic as a result of the players' ability to improve and focus their predictions and reduce the number of options. Why don't you attempt to gauge your level of animal knowledge?

How to play

  • To choose the mammal, click with the left mouse button.


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