Take off on an intellectual journey across the colorful terrain of India with Indle, an exciting word game that provides a novel approach to solving puzzles. Players are tasked with discovering a daily five-letter word that has been specially crafted to encapsulate the spirit of India in this Wordle-inspired game.

This game allows you to predict the word of the day six times, just like Wordle. The game will provide you with color-coded tips to help you along the way, indicating which letters go where in the answer and whether they are in the right order. Players of all ages and ability levels can enjoy the gameplay because of its intuitive design and simplicity.

While having fun with word games, this is an entertaining way to learn about Indian culture and language. Its simplicity and captivating riddles make it the ideal diversion for puzzle fans and travelers who are ready to discover India's treasures. So why not take on the thrilling Indle challenge and learn about India's enchantment one word at a time?

How to play

  • Use the left mouse button or the keyboard to enter words.


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