Mahjong Handle

Mahjong Handle

Mahjong Handle is a game that mixes the word-guessing game Wordle with the difficult Mahjong universe. The distinctive fusion of these two well-known games offers players a captivating gaming experience. In place of Roman letters and English words, players must decode 34 mahjong tiles in this game. The objective is to predict the hands of the day accurately in just six trials.

The gameplay is easy to understand but difficult. The game will give the user feedback after each guess to help him along the guessing process. Feedback lets you know if the chosen cells are positioned correctly. This input is crucial since it allows players to gradually narrow down the right order and improve their approach for future attempts.

The usage of Mahjong tiles in place of conventional English words is one of its distinctive aspects. This feature increases the difficulty of the game by requiring players to become familiar with the meanings of the Mahjong tiles. Players must arrange 14 Mahjong tiles in the right order to complete the game's difficult sorting task.

The limited number of tries in this game is another distinctive aspect. Mahjong Handle will put players' critical thinking and reasoning abilities to the test in just six tries. This feature gives the game a sense of urgency, which makes it more enjoyable and difficult.

How to play

  • The objective can only be accomplished by the player moving around and clicking the mouse in the prescribed ways. Get this done without wasting any time.

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