Playing the game Cleverdle tests your language and analytical abilities. It's a fun and different kind of game. The objective of each problem is to determine the hidden word given a set of letters. Every guess counts, and with just six lives remaining, the answers to each guess will be applied simultaneously to all of the riddles.

The game's mechanics are straightforward but appealing. Using the keyboard, users may quickly respond to their predictions. With the help of the arrow keys, players may quickly solve the puzzles in this game thanks to its incredibly user-friendly design. It is simple to monitor progress because the summary row at the bottom of the screen offers a brief summary of the answers from those earlier guesses.

Every guess is made; it is used for all riddles, and every puzzle has a different solution. Because the player must take into account all of the riddles' feedback at once, this element makes the game more difficult. Additionally, color coding in the feedback makes it simple to discern between accurate and inaccurate forecasts.

The UI of the game is simple and uncluttered, adding to its visually appealing design. The writing is readable and clear against a soothing blue background. The game's quiet, inconspicuous sound effects contribute to the overall calming atmosphere.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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