LOONA Heardle

LOONA Heardle

For all those die-hard LOONA lovers out there, we present Loona Heardle—the music-based guessing game that rules! Based on previous Heardle games, this one features the music of the Korean girl group LOONA. This game will test your knowledge of LOONA's musical journey, whether you're a new fan or an Orbit veteran.

Picking a LOONA song at random from their vast discography starts each round of this game. All songs are welcome, whether they are from the full group (OT12), a side project, an OST, a pre-debut, or any other release. To help the player recognize the tune, the game starts with a short audio introduction of the chosen LOONA song. Once the player has internalized the musical hints, they need to use the given options to determine the proper name of the LOONA song. The user can gradually uncover more bits of the intro, providing new suggestions for later attempts in the event that their original guess is erroneous or missed.

Fans of LOONA can interact with their favorite music through the game's immersive experience. There is a sense of community and friendly rivalry among LOONA fans because players may discuss their results, tactics, and anecdotes with one another. Songs from all around the world and from all various eras populate LOONA's extensive discography, which is sure to keep players entertained. Why are you hesitating? Loona Heardle is here to put your LOONA knowledge to the test!

How to play

  • In this immersive experience, players embark on a series of challenges that require nothing more than a mouse and a bit of movement.

Our website is excited to introduce a new series of exciting music-guessing games, including Lofidle. The perfect game for music enthusiasts and music fans alike!

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