Lofidle is a fun music-based guessing game where you have to figure out which cover song is actually the original while listening to the relaxing sounds of Lofi music. In this relaxing and musically challenging game, players are invited on a symphony of a journey.

These renditions of well-known songs create a calming and evocative atmosphere, ideal for unwinding. Lofi music is perfect for learning, working, or just relaxing due to its slow tempo, repeating loops, and calming soundscapes.

The goal of this game is to identify the source song by carefully listening to Lofi's cover. This calls on players to draw on a wealth of musical knowledge and acquire familiarity with a wide variety of musical styles. Players progress through the game's levels and receive points with each correct guess.

A player can press skip if they're having trouble determining the original tune. With this function, they can give the cover a closer listen, which might reveal more about its history.

For those who enjoy Lofi music and would like to see how well they know the genre, Lofidle is a great option. This game boasts an original combination of relaxing music and guessing riddles, promising a relaxing and entertaining experience. That being said, why not act now? Come and be a part of our path towards harmony today!

How to play

  • With just their dependable mouse as company, players set out on an exciting adventure in this action-packed game. Prepare to put your mouse skills to the test and enter an exciting new universe!

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