The thrilling spin-off game LetterZ was inspired by Fantastic World. Players are required to construct words in this word game using nine occurrences of each letter. The player must use at least three letters from the provided set in order to correctly identify the word. There is a cap on the total number of letters that can be utilized in the game, and once a letter is used, it is no longer a possibility. This gives the game a strategic component and forces players to take precautions and create well-thought-out environments. Players are further forced to apply strategy since a letter gets taken from the pool of available letters once it has been used to form a word.

You should start with simple words due to the letter constraints and work your way up to longer words as you get more adept at using the available letters. To produce as many words as possible, be mindful to balance the vowels and consonants in your word creation. To find new words and possibilities, try out different letter combinations. You should modify your word-building method in accordance with the difficulty level you have selected.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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