Lattice is a daily word puzzle game that incorporates aspects of Scrabble and Solitaire. It is entertaining and difficult. The objective is to construct intersecting words on a 6x6 game board using a set of 12 tiles that represent various letters and have varied point values. While you tap the tiles to create words, the game board changes in real time. The game's originality comes from the crosswords that may be made utilizing the 12 boxes provided.

While constructing intersecting words on the game board, the game assists players in increasing their vocabulary and honing their word construction abilities. Players must use strategy to fit as many high-scoring words as possible into the available area by strategically placing the tiles. Players can participate in the daily puzzle and take on a fresh challenge thanks to the new puzzles that are offered each day.

The game also provides explicit and random stacking options, allowing players to experiment with various word combinations and hone their tactics. As they compare their solutions, players can share puzzles with friends, encouraging friendly rivalry and social interaction. Are you certain that you won? Begin right away!

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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