Joined Words

Joined Words

Joined Words is a fantastic tool for honing your English vocabulary as well as for making connections and putting puzzle pieces together. Players role-play a variety of compound terms in this game, including ice cream, football, crossword, and others, which are made up of two words. if you're sick of all the words having squares of green and yellow. Given that it doesn't contain them like other words, this can be a pleasant change.

Three suggestions are presented to you, each of which clarifies a distinct aspect of the word (the initial letter, the second letter, and the entire word). You must first consider all three of the clues together in order to get the answer to the puzzle. The game has two separate difficulty settings: simple (which provides letter tips for the solution) and hard (which does not).

Any time and up to ten attempts are allowed to solve a puzzle. Examine the three suggestions, then type your response. You have the choice of responding with a string of words or just one word. After your third and sixth attempts, you will also receive hints that disclose the first and second words' beginning letters. If you discover the solution more quickly than those who came before you, a scoreboard that will appear the next day will appear in Joined Words. If you still don't grasp a concept, you can verify the solution the following day.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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