It's a SYN

It's a SYN

In the word game It's a Syn, the player must select three words with similar or diametrically opposed meanings in order to solve a mystery. Each game includes a different set of letters to use for guessing, and you are only allowed to play once every day. The game contains icons for viewing metrics and switching between light and dark modes for simple tracking. There are no difficult rules or prerequisites to take part in this game, which is made to be simple to play.

In order to play the game, you must select a letter from a list and match it to a word that either has the same meaning as the clue or the opposite meaning. The square will change to blue if you guessed correctly and red if you guessed incorrectly, displaying your last three guesses. You only have a certain number of tries, so it's critical that you don't run out of opportunities to guess.

To succeed, you must begin with the signals in which you have the most faith and work to rule out all other options. Narrow your choices using the process of elimination to help you come up with more accurate predictions. Pay close attention to the clue's context, then try to come up with terms that make sense. Make educated guesses by using your understanding of synonyms and antonyms. To hone your language and vocabulary, keep playing every day.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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