In the game Geordle, the excitement of Wordle is combined with the problem of geography. It's a fun and different method to test your knowledge about international capitals and nations. This game will keep you interested and entertained, whether you like the hangman game mode or the traditional Wordle game.

Depending on the option you select, the game gives the player a sequence of clues that eventually reveal the name of a nation or capital. With a twist on geography, classic mode gives players ten guesses to get the right answer, much like Wordle. Every game has a different number of letters in the answer, so each time you play, you're up against a new and thrilling task.

However, this game mode presents a game in which you must correctly predict each letter individually. This mode makes the game more interactive and interesting by letting players select the letters they believe to be part of the solution. You'll have to make quick decisions because you only have five chances to guess the appropriate letters.

How to play

  • Using the left mouse button, complete the game's solution.


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