Guess The Path

Guess The Path

Mark your calendars for Guess The Path, a puzzle-solving challenge! In this entertaining game, you'll see a grid of cells with numbers in some and blanks in others. The goal is to use the specified table to fill up the blank cells with the correct values. However, there are some guidelines that you must follow in order to achieve success!

The riddles need more strategic thinking and more ingenious connections as you go through the levels. Throughout the game, you'll be challenged to use your brain and solve increasingly complex riddles. The bright side is that there will be explanations and hints for each level in the game. Fun and gratifying, this game gets better as you go through the levels, earning points and unlocking new challenges. Then read on for a thrilling crossword adventure that you won't want to miss!

How To Play

Fill up the grid by clicking and dragging adjacent cells.

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