Spell School

Spell School

Welcome to Spell School, a captivating puzzle game that brings the scientific world to life! Imagine a future in which education becomes an exciting journey, with words and letters serving as the keys to revealing the mysteries of the cosmos. You will be immersed in a virtual classroom filled with items that will take you on a journey of discovery when you play the game. With letters strewn across a grid like a treasure map that needs to be solved, the screen will come to life. It's up to you to combine these letters to form words and use your language abilities to form spells. 

Points will start to accrue as you work your magic, and you'll feel like a wizard doing magic with every right response. You will improve and gain more self-assurance in your spelling with every attempt. So, are you prepared to set out on this fascinating adventure? 

How To Play

To construct words, use your mouse.

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