Guess the Character Word Puzzle Game

Guess the Character Word Puzzle Game

Are you able to identify who the character is? Let's see how clever we are! Although it may appear easy, Guess the Character Word Puzzle Game will test your brain! Each level will display a picture showing an animal missing many parts. You must identify the animal's name and write it using the letters.

There are 50 stages in this game, each with an animal image. You will need to write the name of the animal using the letters at the bottom. The images are missing several components that make it difficult to identify the characters' identities. However, the number of letters in the name is displayed and there are four ways to get aid. First, you will need to spend currency to remove the letter pol from the bottom of your screen. You can also replace it with coins and write a letter. You may also find missing pieces of the puzzle by paying some money. You can also share the image with friends, who might be able help you. Earn coins by completing levels or purchasing them in the store. t's not easy to achieve all 50 levels. Let me see if I can help you!!

How To Play

How To Play Guess the Character Word Puzzle Game

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