The newest game in the Wordle series, Errordle, will put your programming skills to the test. Instead of using a five-letter term like in the previous game, players are asked to identify error messages in the Java programming language. This game tests players' ability to think like programmers and interpret error messages by mixing various terms in the source code in just six tries.

With a slight modification, the gameplay of this game is comparable to that of Wordle. The game offers color-coded feedback based on error messages and source code after each guess. If the word is accurate and in its proper place, the cells will change green; if it is incorrect and in the wrong place, the cells will turn yellow; if the word is not part of the solution, the cells will turn red. Players are able to hone their predictions and reduce the number of alternatives by using this feedback system. Try Errordle if you're prepared to put your programming talents to the test!

How to play

  • The game's left mouse button is used for interaction.


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