Come Follow Medle

Come Follow Medle

Come Follow Medle is a fun and educational word puzzle game that will help you grasp the weekly "Come Follow Me" courses on a deeper level. By relating you to the lessons' themes and teachings, this game aims to uplift your spiritual path in addition to providing you with entertainment.

You will come across a new word associated with this week's course every day. It is your responsibility to decipher the term by means of inference. To determine the correct word, carefully examine the letters, consider where they go, and make educated guesses. You will obtain insightful feedback with every guess, which will advance you in your puzzle-solving efforts.

This game has straightforward rules that make it enjoyable and intellectually stimulating. After a set number of tries to figure out the entire word, the letters that belong in the right or wrong places will be highlighted. So come along on this fascinating journey of spiritual exploration and literacy with us. Every day, a ton of engaging, instructive, and entertaining activities are waiting for you in this game. Together, let's unravel the riddle of words!

How to play

  • Use the left mouse button or your keyboard to play the game.


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