Don't Wordle

Don't Wordle

The innovative and difficult word game Don't Wordle necessitates rapid thinking and a broad vocabulary. Your brain will spin after reading this Wordle offshoot. Despite the name of the game suggesting otherwise, Don't Wordle makes it difficult to correctly guess the word.

Despite the fact that you may believe this Don't Wordle game to be simple, the creator notes that "your guesses should be based on what you've learned from previous guesses."

This means that if you insert a letter in the proper spot and color it blue, the letter will remain there on your subsequent guess. If you get a yellow letter, you'll need to switch positions the following time. Last but not least, if you guess incorrectly and miss a letter, it will turn gray, and you cannot use it again.

After each guess, the number of remaining viable words will be displayed at the top and will gradually decline. If the count is too low, you can use the "UNDO" button. Be cautious! Even though you still have some UNDO, the game is over if you type Wordle incorrectly.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

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