With Diffle, a Wordle-inspired game, get ready for a thrilling word-guessing adventure. Diffle offers users a fun and intriguing experience. The object of the game is to swiftly guess and recognize a cryptic keyword. By connecting blocks of the same color, you can remove every block from the playing area. Try to finish the level's goals or earn the appropriate score within the allotted moves.

To complete the mission quickly, use the game's hints. Match those colors to eliminate three or more blocks of the same color and earn points. As new blocks descend from the top to fill in the empty spaces, the connecting blocks will vanish. There are distinct objectives at each level that must be accomplished. These objectives may be to reach a particular score, get rid of a given number of blocks, or finish a particular activity. Consider the level requirements as you design your activity.

How to play

  • Use the mouse.

Deceptle games will help you express your imagination and learn new words. If you don't get started right away, you'll have a wonderful time.

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