GNT Wordle

GNT Wordle

A distinctive and entertaining take on the well-known word puzzle game Wordle is GNT Wordle. The game asks players to find a Greek word of the day that is uniquely taken from the Greek New Testament, as opposed to utilizing English words. Users can test their existing knowledge or learn new Greek terms with this entertaining and informative game.

This game, being a Wordle clone, sticks to the well-known gameplay mechanic in which players make intelligent guesses and get suggestions according to how accurate their selections are. The game offers helpful feedback by letting you know if the letters are in the right place and if they are part of the answer. In addition to being enjoyable, this captivating game aids players in developing their knowledge of Greek terminology used in the New Testament.

This interesting and instructive game presents a novel viewpoint on the traditional Wordle style. For individuals who wish to advance their language skills, it offers an engaging and rewarding experience by submerging players in the world of Greek words in the New Testament.

How to play

  • Greek words can be created with the virtual keyboard.

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