Categorle is the perfect game for you if you enjoy solving word puzzles to see how much you know! However, this is more than just a regular Wordle clone. Category tests your general knowledge in an interesting and different way. There are numerous varieties of the game, all of which are word puzzles. Everything from "flora" and "animals" to "cities" is available for everyone.

The range of categories in this game is among its most intriguing features. The quantity of words in each category varies, so some problems are harder than others. This makes the game more exciting and keeps it interesting.

The limited number of tries in this game is another distinctive aspect. Only six attempts are allowed for the player to complete each puzzle. This increases the sensation of pressure and urgency in the game, which makes it more engaging and difficult. Let's check your actual level of knowledge now!

How to play

  • Using the left mouse button, choose the category you wish to play in and anticipate from.


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