In the entertaining online game Chrono, players must correctly identify historical phrases and, in a finite number of tries, arrange a sequence of events in the correct chronological order. The popular word game Wordle served as the inspiration for the game, which has a historical flavor. Every round, players are introduced to new historical phrases, which adds to the game's constant change and appeal.

In order to participate, participants must apply their knowledge and critical thinking abilities to provide definitions that effectively convey the meaning of historical terminology. The game will evaluate their definitions, so in order to score higher, they must aim as precisely and deeply as they can. In the other option, the player uses a drag-and-drop interface to arrange a series of events in the correct chronological order. The game pushes players to figure out the right sequence of events by applying logic and historical knowledge.

The goal of the game is to test players' comprehension of historical events and the order in which they happened through an interactive and entertaining experience. This engaging and instructive game assesses players' aptitude for placing historical events in their appropriate contexts. This game will keep players amused and up-to-date for hours on end with its interesting challenges and extensive library of historical terminology.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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