Welcome to Chordle, an altered and unofficial rendition of the well-known word-guessing game WORDLE, including an entertaining musical twist. With the intention of guessing the notes in the melody, players set out on a melodic journey. This distinctive gaming experience offers players of all musical backgrounds a soothing challenge by fusing the joy of music with the suspense of guessing. Get ready to explore the fascinating world of words and hone your musical ear!

Find the Melody: The objective of this game is to determine the precise note-by-note arrangement inside a provided melody. The melody can be anything from an intricate piece of music to a straightforward melody.

Positioning Feedback: Following each guess, the game provides feedback showing you how close you are to the right answer.

  • Green: A note in the melody that is in the right place and pitch.
  • Yellow: Where's the note?
  • It won't be noted if your assumption is false.

It takes a lot of trying for players to find the perfect tone. The number of tries may differ based on the specific game version or platform.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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