In the puzzle game Chesstacle, players must choose the best move in order to win on the board. Wordle, a well-known online word-guessing game, served as inspiration.

The player must enter a series of chess moves in algebraic notation in order to play Chesstacle. This is the conventional method of representing chess movements, where the positions of the pieces on the board are denoted by letters and numbers. For instance, "d4" indicates moving the pawn to d4, and "Nf3" indicates moving the knight to f3.

The game provides feedback by altering the color of the board's cells after each estimate. When there are green squares indicating the piece's position, it is in the proper place; when there are red squares indicating it, it is not. Yellow squares show that the piece is in the correct rank or file but in the incorrect square.

An "X" denotes capture, and a "=" symbol followed by the piece to which the promoted pawn is assigned indicates pawn promotion. To advance the piece on a8 to the queen on a8, for instance, type "a8=Q".

Players can begin with easy and sensible plays, think through forced and tactical moves, gauge the reactions of their opponents, and search for openings to acquire an advantage in order to win. material or strategic benefit. Gamers can try out a wide variety of moves to determine which one works best.

This is a hard and entertaining game that blends word games with chess features. This is a free online game that's a terrific method to test players' strategic thinking and chess skills.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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