A novel and entertaining approach to assessing your understanding of molecular formulas is to play the Chemicle game. You must use colored cells to estimate the proper formula during the ten trials in this game. In order to complete puzzles in a set number of tries, players are challenged to apply their strategic thinking and understanding of chemistry. Because of this, players find the game appealing and are more likely to return.

You can submit your forecast once you've completed your set of movements. To give you feedback on how accurate your moves were, the boxes beneath the board will change color. The color blue stands for estimating the right letter at the right place. Conversely, yellow indicates that the letter was properly predicted but incorrectly placed. In the meantime, non-formal letters are represented by gray.

For those looking for an entertaining and engaging approach to testing their understanding of chemistry, this guessing game is ideal. You will get closer to the answer with each attempt, and tracking your progress will be made simple with color-coded assistance. You can improve your understanding of chemical ideas by playing the game and being inspired to think in novel and engaging ways about molecular formulas. For those looking to improve their problem-solving abilities while learning more about chemical compounds, this game is an excellent resource.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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