Buildly challenges players to discover their chosen word of the day by submitting valid predictions within six tries, in place of random English words. It's an interesting and entertaining experience for anyone interested in architecture or construction, since the response might be anything associated with the building sector.

The principles of the game are the same as those of other Wordle-related games. Although players are required to enter five-letter words, it's important to note that the solutions have to have anything to do with buildings. This increases the difficulty and excitement of the game by requiring players to choose words that are relevant to the topic in addition to guessing the proper letters.

Color-coded tips are one of Buildly's most enticing features; they are given after each guess. With the help of these suggestions, you can significantly reduce the number of possible answers and improve your chances of solving the problem in the six attempts allowed. Why don't you give it a shot and see if you can construct your way to success?

How to play

  • Use the keyboard or left mouse button to form words.


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