Players of the six-letter word game Brandle are tasked with guessing the brand name in six attempts. The idea behind the game appears simple at first, but as the player advances through the stages, it can rapidly become difficult. The challenge of the game is not only figuring out which brand has a six-letter name but also guessing the brand name.

The UI of the game is structured similarly to Wordle, with six rows denoting each guess. Yellow cells indicate letters that are misaligned, while green cells indicate letters that are positioned appropriately. As they go through the levels, players can utilize these hints to focus on possible brand names.

Compared to Wordle's original format, in which players could only guess the brand name using six letters, this game's gameplay offers an intriguing variation. Players are required to have prior knowledge of brands with six-letter names, which adds an additional layer of difficulty to the game. There are numerous brands to select from, ranging from automobile companies like Jaguar to apparel brands like Adidas. See if you can keep up your everyday gains by giving Brandle a try!

How to play

  • Using the keyboard or left mouse button, type the brand name.


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