7 Words

7 Words

Learning should be enjoyable, and on our website, you can discover many games that do just that, including 7 Words. Play the finest crossword game we have right now!

Prepare to play this game and put your vocabulary and patience to the test. To match one of the definitions at the top of the screen, you must choose the letters from a group in the proper order.

This game tests your ability to find synonyms and broaden your vocabulary if you already know the definition of the word at the top of the screen, but the collection of letters doesn't appear to fit it. To assist you, the game will give you the opportunity to arrange the collection of letters alphabetically or even provide hints.

If you're using a computer, use the left mouse button to play; if you're using a smartphone or tablet, use the touch screen. A keyboard is necessary for some games. The game also includes instructions.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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