The game Outspell tests your memory and intellect. To earn points, you must correctly spell words using the boxes. It employs a novel technique where the color of the box aids in identifying the word that must be spelled correctly in order to get points. If you get stuck at any stage, there are suggestions that will provide you with enough details to locate the word you're looking for. You can also use your own language or make up terms as you go.

Outspell, what kind of game is it? Your intelligence and memory will be tested in this single-player puzzle game. It mostly assesses your capacity for creative thought and sound recognition. There are three stages in this game, and each one gets harder than the last.

Simple shapes, including circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles, are included in the first level. In the second level, there are more intricate shapes, including hexagons, triangles with corners, pentagons, and semicircles. Finding an image hidden in an impossible shape made up of at least six shapes is quite challenging on the third level. You'll need to rely on your vision to try to identify what that shape is.

Even though it may seem simple to most people, few people are able to pass this last level without assistance from friends or family members who may be playing Same Family on the same computer or device. That's it, if you're up for the challenge.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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