Welcome to Zumar Deluxe, a game-new, approachable version of the iconic Zuma Games that we know many of you know and adore. Right now, you will be having a blast shooting bubbles just like in the original!

You shoot bubbles with the mouse from the turtle in the center towards the bubbles traveling down the road. You must shoot and destroy every bubble by creating or striking groups of identical bubbles because if they complete the course, you lose. Instead, get rid of them all to win, then repeat for all 12 levels, no matter how challenging they get.

You can deal more damage in one hit by pressing the buttons with special moves and power-ups on the right side of the screen, but be aware that there is a certain quantity of each. We wish you the very best and as much pleasure as is possible here!

How to play

  1. Tap the desired shooting location on the screen.
  2. To remove marbles, match three or more of the same marbles. Before the chain reaches its conclusion, eliminate all of the marble lines.
  3. In marble shooting games, attempt to earn three stars on each level to get the best score by creating more combos and chains.

How To Play


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