Zombies Are Coming

Zombies Are Coming

We can confidently say that Zombies Are Coming is one of the first and most innovative zombie shooting games you will ever play online, so we have no problem recommending it to you. members of his social circle friend. Do you get it? Brains are a favorite food for zombies. You won't be a tasty snack for the zombies if you're a cannon that blasts them, but if you misuse it, humanity will be wiped out. Wield it wisely, and you will be able to vanquish the dead.

How to play

You'll take a seat in the middle of the road with your cannon and then click or tap to direct its shots. Each zombie you kill is worth points, and you may get bonus points by hitting the special bombs that appear to collect them and by killing the zombies that come at you from all directions. To employ them, just click on them.

How To Play

How To Play Zombies Are Coming

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