In the game Wordlix, participants must figure out a five-letter POSIX command in six tries. The game's focus on POSIX commands and library API names from POSIX.1–2017 makes it distinctive.

Each estimate you make during the game will provide you with important hints on the command's letters and their locations. This interactive math exercise not only assesses your mathematical prowess but also fosters logical reasoning and critical thinking. The game is the ideal balance of effort and entertainment because of its deceptive simplicity, which conceals its intricacy.

The game, which delves into the realm of computing and programming, is a welcome diversion from conventional word games. Gamers can have fun while learning more POSIX commands and API names, thanks to this possibility. The game's time limit increases suspense and forces players to make quick decisions and strategic moves. So be ready to put your computing skills to the test and see if you can solve the code in this intriguing environment before time runs out.

How to play

  • To write commands, use the left mouse or keyboard.

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