Word Stickers!

Word Stickers!

In Word Stickers!, you'll have the chance to let your witchcraft shine. For those who love crossword puzzles, this is the game to play. Imagine a world where words are made of living letters, just ready to be turned into exciting adventures. Connecting letters on a digital playground will lead you on a quest to uncover hidden words in this exciting game.

Select an interest of yours at the beginning, and the game will unfold right before your eyes. If you want to find out what's inside, you'll have to look closely because each cell contains an alphabet letter. Get ready to unleash your vocabulary as you answer each problem and watch your score soar! Words are made by linking letters with a special line. Keep in mind that the game's levels will progressively increase in difficulty, testing your brain's capabilities. Discover this fascinating and captivating puzzle game that will captivate you from the very beginning by coming in!

How To Play

You can see the letters crumble when you slide your finger horizontally or vertically over concealed text.

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