Word Sprint

Word Sprint

Word Sprint is an exciting new online game, and the race is on! The time is running out as you attempt to decipher a grid of letters that contain secret words. On the screen, you'll observe an enthralling grid of cells, with a combination of letters from the alphabet in each. The tension in the air is amplified by a countdown timer that is displayed above the net.

Swiftly scanning the letters and deftly identifying which ones form words will be required when the start signal comes. React at the speed of light to uncover concealed words by clicking and dragging letters. Your score will skyrocket if you do this, since points will be rewarded!

By solving words as quickly as possible, you want to rack up as many points as you can. Are you going to win it all? Do you think you can beat the clock? Let the match begin! Find out how good you are at hidden words by joining the journey today!

How to play

Spell words by swiping through an 8-by-8-letter grid.

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