Word Search Shapes

Word Search Shapes

Word game fans can have a creative and entertaining time with Word Search Shapes. There are eight words to find in each level of the game's unusual vertical word arrangement in columns. The playground's sea of letters conceals these phrases deftly, forcing players to hone their observational and linguistic skills.

This game differs from its predecessors in that it has a time-based point system. The overall score on the lower board drops by 10 points every second as players compete against the clock. Players are forced to locate concealed phrases more quickly thanks to this feature, which increases the tension and urgency of the game.

The main objective is to get as many points as you can before the time runs out. A zero score for slower searches adds a risk and strategy component to the game. This game puts players' time management and decision-making skills to the test, in addition to their vocabulary and problem-solving abilities.

How to play

Press the block displaying the initial alphabet, then use the mouse to scroll to the word's last alphabet.

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