Word Search

Word Search

Word Search will allow you to search for different terms. How sharp are your eyes? Is it possible to find multiple words hidden among the alphabet's many characters? This game is sure to become a favorite because you have different word categories that will test your knowledge. To jump in to the pool of random letters click on the play button.

We're certain you've heard of the expression "Looking for needles in a haystack." This game is much easier than you might think. It is much easier than other word finding games. All you need to do is find the words. These clever phrases can be found right in front of you! The game is available in six languages. You can improve your second or third language by playing it. You must select a category from the six options after choosing a language. There are many ways to test your vocabulary, including in fruits, nations and computer components. You can also use music or animals. The letter board is located in the middle and above it is the list of words you need to find in order complete the category. To select a word, click on it and then drag your cursor to the next letter. You can continue searching for other terms by clicking on the highlighted word. Is it possible to find all terms within each category of the term?

Do not stop there! Diggy will be your next favorite game after you finish this one. Have fun!

How To Play

How To Play Word Search

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