Winx Club Baby Adventure

Winx Club Baby Adventure


If you like marathons, you should try playing Winx Club Baby Adventure. These babies don't mess around when it comes to a decent run—or even a flight. Despite being small and beautiful, they are swift. But take caution! There are some difficulties with this event. You can serve as their instructor and show them how to avoid all of the dangers on the flying course. You could also tell them to grab any items that are floating, like jewels or strange-looking bottles with potions inside.

How to play

It can be difficult at times, especially when the course curves. Swipe left and right on your device to change lanes. Or use the arrow keys on the keyboard. Don't forget to collect the sparkling diamonds floating overhead as well! You'll trade with them later. When you get enough of those, you can, among other things, improve some potions or unlock new characters. As you play it more frequently, the game will get more exciting!


How To Play

How To Play Winx Club Baby Adventure

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