Weredle is a free online word-guessing game that provides players with an open, enjoyable gaming environment. The game offers a novel approach to word puzzles, including support for many languages and cross-platform compatibility. There are six opportunities for players to find a concealed word. The color of the boxes will change following each estimate to reflect how accurate the guess was. The intricate Werewolf box, however, poses a dilemma because it may provide false positives or no replies for any given guess.

Weredle will offer users a platform to test their word-guessing prowess without the use of in-app purchases or intrusive advertisements. The gameplay is made more challenging by the fact that it is played on a board with a grid of letters, words, and numbers. The first step is to select one of three boards, each of which presents a unique set of difficulties. By giving one of four responses for each word you guess, the game keeps you engaged. There are three options: a letter, a word, or a number. The player wins if they correctly guess each of the six words.

After someone guesses your first word, your duty is to click on a tile and try to discover whether it hides a werewolf or not. When discovered, the Werewolf tile will have the same color scheme as Wordle with a red border. A blue line around the box indicates it is not a werewolf when clicked. There won't be any more phony tiles until you find the werewolf.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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