The Weaver is what? Lewis Carroll created this game, known as a "word ladder," in 1877. The goal of the game Weaver is the same as that of Wordle, but it offers multiple options for how many games you can play each day, as well as the ability to play Weaver indefinitely. We think you'll love it if you give it a try.

How to play

Due to its ease of use and the fact that you have to complete the challenge, this Wordle variation has become very popular (the same for all players). The option to play again won't be available till tomorrow if the user successfully solves the word. Considering that it is framed as an addictive task, it is a success in our eyes.

Weaver guidelines:

  • Make your way from the first word to the last word by weaving.
  • Only one letter from the word above can be changed for each word you enter.
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