In Wardle, players must correctly identify a certain UK local authority six times in a row. Tighten? The game offers feedback on each guess's distance, direction, and closeness, which adds to its distinctive and captivating experience.

The guidelines are really straightforward. Each time they attempt to guess a genuine UK Local Authority name, players will be given feedback indicating how close they are to the target area. Along with the direction and distance percentages, the distance between the player's prediction and the target territory's center is computed. Players are able to modify their plans and predict outcomes more intelligently in subsequent rounds thanks to this feedback.

Every day, players are presented with a fresh challenge in the form of new targets from UK local authorities that they must estimate. This makes the game engaging and gives players lots of chances to demonstrate their understanding of various UK regions. So why not give it a shot? You never know; maybe you'll pick up some new knowledge about the UK!

How to play

  • You guess the legitimate name of the municipal government using your mouse.

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