Unlocodle is a game that elevates word-guessing to a whole new level. Welcome! With a playful twist—UNLOCODE—we've taken inspiration from the well-known Wordle. These are distinct codes that, through the use of a particular coding scheme, depict places like ports, airports, and road terminals. Your goal is to use a combination of positional attributes, pattern recognition, and logical reasoning to correctly predict a given UNLOCODE in a restricted number of tries.

One task you will have when you go out on your expedition is to locate a specific UNLOCODE. These alphanumeric codes have certain characteristics, including having a port, airport, or road terminal. The letters are color-coded to give specific information on their location and accuracy after each guess. The meaning of each color is as follows:

  • Green: Green highlights letters that are positioned correctly.
  • Yellow: Incorrectly positioned letters within the code will be indicated with a yellow highlight.
  • Gray: The letters that are not part of the code are shown as gray.

The game combines the intricacy of location-based coding with the fun of word games to create an immersive and rich experience. You'll take on a fresh challenge with a distinctive twist that will put your logical thinking and pattern-recognition abilities to the test while teaching you about various places across the globe. Why do you wait? Take a seat and come along on this thrilling adventure with us!

How to play

  • The left mouse button can be used to provide the right response.

We have a ton of games, including Unlockle, to test your problem-solving abilities if you enjoy a good challenge. Put on your thinking gear and try to solve this ultimate brainteaser now!

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