Greetings from Twordle! This entertaining online word-guessing game is accessible to everyone and is free to play. The participant has a total of 6 tries to find a hidden word inside the parameters of this game. The color of the letter will return to its default setting after each guess to show whether or not the word was accurately predicted. Isn't that fascinating? As soon as possible, sign up for Twordle!

How to play

Players can start the game by moving their mouse after joining up for Twordle and inputting their username. Since you'll be up against other players in each round, you should try your hardest to figure out the secret word as soon as you can. By typing the words where it asks you to "Enter a 5-letter word" and then clicking the "Add word" button after each one, you can add words to your list that other people can use. If the term is accepted, the text will be eliminated and you can continue typing.

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