High-score Timberman game in the classic style is addictive. Play as a logger, fell trees, and stay clear of branches. It seems like a straightforward process, right? One of the most popular games has had more than 20 million players since 2014, and they're still playing it avidly in 2022. especially in light of the most recent update, which added many new characters, locations, and towns! As always, there will be a ton of entertainment and trees being chopped down. A traditional arcade-style video game is called Timberman. Work as a carpenter. Avoiding branches causes trees to fall. It seems like a straightforward process, right? Although it is simple to learn, it is extremely challenging to master. There are 104 carpenters and 12 distinct locales to explore. Improve your abilities as quickly as possible to move up the scoreboard. Like any logger, grab the ax and hack the tree down as soon as you can!

How to play

To cut the tree, click or tap its edges.

How To Play

How To Play Timberman

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